FS: flatreed intakes (3) package deal

1x Metrakit PHBG / VM18 intake (nos)

2x Stock flatreed 13mm SHA Intakes (used, but minty)

All three for $60 shipped. No splitting up unless you wanna buy a stock intake.

Pics to come later



https://www.treatland.tv/USED-derbi-13mm-SHA-intake-for-flat-reed-engines-p/used-derbi-sha-intake.htm (edited)

Re: FS: flatreed intakes (3) package deal


Re: FS: flatreed intakes (3) package deal

Going through my stash....

Will throw in a cool Bosch thermos....unused of course... with this purchase.

If you run NGK or champion spark plugs, ill throw in some stickers to cover it

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