WTB Moped

I'm looking for a moped or moped project close to Oklahoma. Im willing to drive up to 4 hours if the price is right, maybe 5 hours! Me and my wife would love to spend a weekend in Kansas City, so thats a plus if your around there.

I'm wanting a rust free, nearly complete moped. I would prefer a Puch powered moped for sure. I dont want a total basket case project. Im trying to avoid one of those right now! Having said that, I'm not scared to work on them.

A Snark would be awesome. Im open to a Peugeot or Motobecane if the price is right. But I know Puch's pretty well and will definately choose that given a choice. I would really like to have a JC Penny Swinger2. Or another Maxi would be great. Let me know what you got.

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