FS Morini Mo4/b

Steven Bolduc /

For sale Morini Mo4 b, engine turns freely that's all I know about. $175 plus ship


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Pm sent

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wow can any body chime in, this is suppose to be a manual shift engine, is this a three speed auto with pedal shaft?? confusing surely an oddity

Re: FS Morini Mo4/b

Pretty sure it's a manual, shifter arm on the left side near the pedal shaft, on the top of the motor (edited)

Re: FS Morini Mo4/b

Oh ! it must be a hand shift on the handle bar like vespa style

Re: FS Morini Mo4/b

> Child Actor Lulu Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Oh ! it must be a hand shift on the handle bar like vespa style

Yeah it looks nearly identical to a handshift Garelli or Sachs setup, clutch lever in normal place with extra lever for gear select

Re: FS Morini Mo4/b

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

The lever on top is for the manual clutch. This is a 4 speed foot shift with pedals like on my Arciero Hawk 4GT The gear shifter comes out of that round hole on the left side under the sprocket. Looks like the shifter shaft and lever is missing

Re: FS Morini Mo4/b

I believe this is the hand shift version Dave

The lever on top is the gear selector

And the clutch activation is in the normal location.

The foot shift hole has a block off

On your MO4 it has a block off on one side for the pedal shaft and a block off on top where the gear selector is on this

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