1980 puch magnum mxII 92646 CA

david trepanier /

1980 magnum oil injected ,new piston rings,bearings and seal , new pucks cleanest gastank ever seen on a moped og tire pump all plastics most wanted moped no low ballers . text is best 56two-41three-153two (edited)


Re: 1980 puch magnum mxII 92646 CA

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Nice bike! Very clean.

If you don’t want lowballers, then set a price for it instead of making people guess what you want for it. This ain’t ebay. (edited)

Re: 1980 puch magnum mxII 92646 CA

david trepanier /

2300 .00 price

Re: 1980 puch magnum mxII 92646 CA

Adam Rosenow /

I thought it was gong to be reasonable...


Re: 1980 puch magnum mxII 92646 CA

> david trepanier Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> 2300 .00 price


Re: 1980 puch magnum mxII 92646 CA

Overpriced Parts /

That’s not a 1980 model, In 1980 the Puch magnum MKII was mocha brown color not silver, the Silver magnum for 1980 year was a less optioned magnum II not a MKII.

What you got is a first generation 1978 Spanish made magnum MKII that has the seat rack connection, superman style tail light, short Italian pedal cranks, small pedals and different diameter pedal shaft (all specific for the early frame style) and French speedo too.

Not saying it’s bad, the first generation Spanish made magnums are kinda cool with the sturdier rack, Superman style taillight and French speedo that the needle goes past 30mph unlike the later vdo speedos that has a post that have a post that stops at 30.

The only downsides some of the early Spanish made ones could have the small end diameter crankshaft, small ID clutch bell and or open spring clutches (which is not the biggest deal either if you run stock or very mild kit)

And the short Italian pedal cranks and small pedals make it more difficult to start and pedal then the later years when they used longer/normal puch pedal cranks and normal pedals.

Is it worth $2300? no But given the complete and good condition you could get it for a good buck for it

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