Wtb headlight and header exhaust for jawa x30 80s model

Richard Brawner Jr /

Does anyone know where to get

A headlight and exhaust header

For 80s jawa x30 pin point me please.


Re: Wtb headlight and header exhaust for jawa x30 80s model

A 210 or 207 (Jawa) exhaust header will work, as for the headlight some of the 207 headlights will work and the 210s will work as well (some 207s had the squarish bucket)



That being said you can just hack and weld something to make it work with the exhaust or drill and tap and make something else work. Whatever you want to splice into the headlight area you can make work as long as you keep in mind it's 6v.

Treats has some universal buckets as does Lucky2Strokes if you don't want to order from the Czech Republic but it's about 11 days to get it to your door once it ships from jawashop. (edited)

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