**NYC AREA** WTB - Puch Maxi Stuff

Hi All:

i have a new project that i am working on. a 79 maxi luxe. Need/want some parts that you people might be willing to sell or trade.

1. Authentic Bing 15mm carb

2. Intake for 15mm carb

3. Rear shocks - open to aftermarket or NOS

4. Exhaust - not stock (i have a proma i am willing to trade)

5. petcock

6. 70cc kit with head (must be new and unused)

Things i have to trade:

1. stock puch exhaust in great condition

2. bottom end of e50 motor case only

3. proma exhaust

4. techno exhaust

5. Puch bicycle style seat (small tear)

6. Puch handlebars

text me 917-667-2063

Re: **NYC AREA** WTB - Puch Maxi Stuff

ruben marques /

Willing to sell any of your "for trade" stuff? pm me if you would sell out-right

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