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Richard Peoples /

I have a 1982 Urban Express NU50 for sale in Nashville, TN. I really don’t know a lot about it specifically. A guy in my neighborhood literally gave it to me when he was cleaning out his garage because it hadn’t run in years.

It appears to be in mostly original condition. I swapped the carb for a manual choke because someone had removed the auto choke setup and it wouldn’t cold start well without me choking it with my hand. Runs strong. I swapped the lights with LED bulbs to reduce the draw and they all work. Tires are in great shape. No leaks. Oil pump was already removed so it takes mixed gas now.

Asking $750. I make relatively frequent trips to Louisville KY and Pittsburgh PA if that happens to help you with getting it. (edited)


Re: Honda Urban Express FS

Its a beauty. I sure wish you made frequent trips to Los Angekes

Re: Honda Urban Express FS

Probably Fred /

Beautiful bike!

Good luck with the sale

Re: Honda Urban Express FS

Do you have a title for it. My state requires title and registration.

Re: Honda Urban Express FS

Shane Antisocialite /

A couchped! I used to have a beater one of these as a loner and always wanted to pick up a nice one... I'm super interested but we're going to need to get it to Los Angeles. Sending you a message

Re: Honda Urban Express FS

I was lucky enough to have an 82 nu50m yet a complete harness I picked up mainly to check my existing harness and see where I went wrong.I laid out the new harness across my work bench.removed the old tape(3 " off gross shit under it.proceeded wire by wire double checking as I'm going.3/4 way through.But I'll bench test it before i pack it up (Tape up my stick ready to score like my Bruins)..Go Baby. Yeah that's it!!...oh ! Sorry guys and Gals.ILL POST IT AFTER TOASTED!! OOOH!!

Re: Honda Urban Express FS

Does anyone know where I can get a set of H.P. Tires for these nu50m..I've seen a thread here and the guy had I almost want to say endure tires on it.Look like he was setting it up for offroad...Oh yeah what about electric start?...

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