FS: SIS V5 (Sachs shifty 50)

This is a Portuguese SIS V5 (there's like 5 of these in the US). I had got this with the intention of doing a long term restoration on after seeing Baird fix up so many obscure old shifties. I've accepted that's never going to happen though, and that I need the space. I got it running, it runs like shit but stops well. The bing on it leaks but the petcock works. Has a really cool telescoping rack. No title. $400 pick up in Columbus OH. (edited)


Re: FS: SIS V5 (Sachs shifty 50)

Sold to the dude who collects these in Florida and has 2 others!

Re: FS: SIS V5 (Sachs shifty 50)

That's pretty rad. That would go good with my collection. But I'm glad I didn't get it. I'm out of space.

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