NS50F + free PA50II $1700

I need to make some space in my shop. So I gotta let these go.


The bad:

- was having issues that caused it to sometimes die or cut out when it got warm and I gave it full throttle. I parked it 2 years ago because of this issue, and it’s been indoors that whole time. I rotate the engine often— I think stator but I could be wrong. Issue did seem to get more and more progressively worse.

- missing rear compartment cover

- tear in seat, covered with black duck tape

The good:

-Comes with free pa50ii project (70cc dr kit, proma exhaust, clean NM title, not running)

- comes with 70cc big bore kit from Webike. I put it on briefly, but it exacerbated the possible stator issues so I took it back off.

- has rare dealer option cowls!

-clean tx title

- pretty clean bike, super fun, seriously cool, and pretty rare!

Located in Los Alamos, NM. (Possibly) can deliver anywhere in U.S. for $300-600 + gas costs. Aka If you live somewhere cool and I can convince my GF to go on a “vacation” with me there. Btw my gf is always buggin me to take her to Oregon, so if you live out there then maybe we can work out a deal.

Feel free to call or text five0five, six2nine, seven9five8 with any questions.


Re: NS50F + free PA50II $1700


I'm gonna try to sell some bikes and buy this instead of using that money to add a bathroom onto my house. I have a friend working south of Portland for the summer who could theoretically bring this back with her...

Re: NS50F + free PA50II $1700


Sending you a PM my friend

Re: NS50F + free PA50II $1700


Thanks again Sam!

Re: NS50F + free PA50II $1700

Now THAT was a score!

Re: NS50F + free PA50II $1700

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