87 a3 tomos

Robert Hensley /

Iso a ignition coil for this new to me tomos and air intake,I kinda need one or need reference on what to get I've looked on treatland and denny cycles but don't want to buy wrong part and I've seeing other brands aftermarket .hopefully someone has these parts laying around or helps me out with reference. This is my 3rd tomos ,ive acquired a fleet over the last year the other 2 I got up in running in couple hrs after simple tune ups....I love the fact there great peds and reliable and parts are everywhere....please and thank y'all in advance

Re: 87 a3 tomos

Check out the table here for tomos year / models to magneto model and part number.


For a replacement, myrons or mopedjunkyard should be able to help you out.

You can also ditch the unreliable points ignition for a vastly superior modern CDI (with much more powerful lighting coil): https://www.treatland.tv/tomos-A3-A35-and-A55-complete-cdi-plus-many-frien-p/tomos-cdi-rehab.htm

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