QT50 air filter modification?

Hi guys, I have a 1987 Yamaha QT50. I've owned it for about 11 years and its been running pretty good.

When I run the bike without the air filter, it runs like a champ going about 28-33 mph. When I run it with the filter, its completely bogged down and prob. doesn't hit 20 mph I'm using the standard filter pad dampened with oil.

Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to modify the filter? I can't just run around town without any filtration.

I tried changing out the filter pad with a newer, thinner filter but no luck. Someone must have a nice modification already...I hope :)

Thanks guys.

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

replace it with a k&n style and check your jetting

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

That would be awesome but where can I find a K&N that would work and has the same opening size? I've been looking...

I've also been toying with the idea of just drilling a few holes in the filter housing and running it without the pad.

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

What does everyone think about just using panty hose as my filter? I will just clamp it around the carb. intake. I've heard of a few other folks doing that.

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

pantyhose will keep boulders out. wont do a thing about the small stuff that you are worried about...

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

auto parts store:valvecover breather 17:00


Re: QT50 air filter modification?

hell with it, I'm running it open.

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

I'm running with several layers of steel screen door fabric hose clamped around the carb intake. I'm planning on using a random ooen case oil filter from fleetfarm as me upgrade XD

Re: QT50 air filter modification?

Somehow I don't think you'll get much engagement from a 16-year-old thread . ;)

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