Puch fuel valve?

Lindsay Hannon /

So i have now noticed the fuel valve on my Maxi E50.... what do the different settings do? The switch can point towards the front of the bike, directly down, and then towards the back of the bike.... i thought that at least one of the positions would kill the fuel to the carb however it doesnt seem to do that? I hope im running her on the right setting... thanks

Re: Puch fuel valve?

Ben Van Zoest /

Down load the owners manual pages from domp's website.

Make a label and paste it on the tank.

Re: Puch fuel valve?

What is Domp's website? Is that a local thing? I'm always interested in knowing sources of manuals from the manufacturers. Thanks, Dave Gibbons

Re: Puch fuel valve?

the settings are supposed to be for on, off and reserve and it is usually labeled on the frame or the side cover. a lot of these old ones are broken and will not actually shut the gas off. if none of the settings turns the fuel flow off i'd advise getting a new one. they're only like 15 to 20 bucks.

Re: Puch fuel valve?

Ryan is right, I wanted to add a clarification though. A lot of people dont know what reserve is.

First. The Fuel Valve is Called a "Petcock"

Your maxi has "ON", "OFF", and "RESERVE"

When in the "on" position, gas will flow through untill there is around two inches left in the tank. At this point, youre bike will run out of gas. Then you switch the petcock to Reserve, and it will allow the last 2 inches of gas in the tank to go through. The idea is that the reserve allows you to get to a gas station.

It is always a Very good idea to turn the Gas off when not using youre ped. So you really should get a new one.

Its possible that if yours hasnt been used in a long time that the rubbers have shrung, and will eventually expand when they come into contact with gas again. this usually takes a couple of hours. So if it still isnt working, than get a new one. I beleive you gan get a new one to fit for less than $15. Check Ebay.

The Postitons on youre maxi Carb are as follows:

When the little handle is pointing towards the Gas line, then it is in the "ON" position. When it is Perpendicular to the Gas line at a 90 degree angle, it is in the "OFF" position. When is it Pointing oposite, or away from the Gas line, it is in the "RESERVE" position.

When I say pointing, I imagine the little lever like the hand of a clock. Some petcocks actually have an arrow on them ging the opposite way. But for this refernce, And i beleive for all Puchs, the lever is like a clock hand.

Re: Puch fuel valve?

Re: Puch fuel valve?

Lindsay Hannon /

thanks the petcock would be it..... on my petcock however it can be pointing down to the fuel line.... or right 90 degrees away from the fuel line or left.... when it is right... towards the front of the bike it has a C showing which i assume means CUT and then when it is to the left of to the rear it says R which i assume is RESERVE so i think everything should be in order. thanks so much

Re: Puch fuel valve?

I was wondering what the C was for?.. I'd be happy with

O for on

R for reserve

C for off or closed

But what do I know?

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