huret speedometer repair

ever been riding along and all of a sudden your speedometer doesn't work any more. check the cable, nope cable is good. check the drive gear on the wheel, nope that's ok too. must be the speedometer. most have a known issue where the grease on the cable shaft heats up in the sun and turns to a hard goop, seizing the shaft and more often than not, destroying the cable. my Huret did and here is how to fix that.

you will need the following tools:

a flat screw driver

an adjustable wrench

a pair of pliers

5mm socket and driver

first you need to remove the speedometer from wherever it mounts. I won't go into that here as there are too many variables. the first 2 pics show mine removed. find a nice quiet workspace somewhere and grab a cold one.

now remove the rubber weather seal in pic 3.


Re: huret speedometer repair

I would like to know more about this speedometer repair

Re: huret speedometer repair

He was just teasing or he had too many of those cold ones . LOL .

Re: huret speedometer repair

Richard Eberline /

They have a special tool, I use a 45 degree o ring pick. Gently work this pick around the back side of the bezel. Then use a tiny screwdriver and lift the bezel, go around as many times needed. Pull the bezel and the plastic or glass off.You are in, remove dried grease. Then re-grease and free up gear. done

Re: huret speedometer repair

I can't really see the pic too well. It looks like the 2 things sticking out the back are the threads for the speedometer cable and the slot for the light bulb? Is that correct? Also do you know where I can get a speedometer like that?

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