Cimatti City Bike Service Manual

mouka zwina /

I have just purchased a 1978 Cimatti City Bike. It is in fairly decent shape for a 36 years old bike. It is leaking a little bit of gas and I want to fix everything on it. Is there anybody that has a service manual in electronic format that I can download or that you can email me? I would really appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to provide me with a link or simply send me the service manual as an attachment in an email. I am certain that it is only a few pages long.

The City Bike has the Minarelli V1 engine. So I am completely covered from that area. But for the rest I have nothing to work with.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Cimatti City Bike Service Manual

Project Moped Manual

Pretty sure it's a city bike, might be a twin sport. It has the general V1 section at the beginning. 157 pages total. (edited)

Re: Cimatti City Bike Service Manual

LaRunce Moffett /

any one have a service manual for one of these?

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