1975 Yamaha Chappy 50 Carb

Chris Dubson /

Anyone know of an aftermarket carb for this scooter?

Re: 1975 Yamaha Chappy 50 Carb

Clone carbs are on eBay if you want that junk, but I recommend an MLM brand aftermarket intake paired with a Mikuni VM20 carb. Treatland.tv has both items in stock plus they also have the polini kit, expansion chamber exhaust pipes, gnarly footrest, etc!

Chappy products: https://www.treatland.tv/SearchResults.asp?searching=Y&sort=5&search=Chappy&show=50&page=1





Re: 1975 Yamaha Chappy 50 Carb

Chris Dubson /

Thanks for the advice!

I will look into this.

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