starter clutch on ZA-50

My 1977 ZA-50 will not start. When I squeeze the starter clutch lever there is no resistance in the pedaling it turns but the engine does not engage. Is there any adjustments that can be made without disassembling the motor? (edited)

Re: starter clutch on ZA-50

You can adjust the cable at the leaver by pulling more through. You can also screw the adjuster out where it enters the motor.

However, you may have broke the starter plate.

You will have to pull the cover and take the clutches out to check the plate. I would adjust the cable first.

Re: starter clutch on ZA-50

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Page 11 of the service manual shows the starter clutch cable adjustment at the lever, which is where you want to start.

Page 81 explains how to adjust the “short cable” that is inside the trans. Be sure to understand what you’re doing when you mess with it, or you can end up with a broken short cable if it isn’t already.

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