Motto Guzzi Problems

Hey there folks! I just bought a Motto Guzzi Robin for fifty bucks. I just got it running, but it has some issues. So it seems to start well with the choke on and it sits on the kickstand and will idle all day, but when you go to ride it it barely runs. it basically has no power and won't run without the choke. I cleaned the carb and ordered an air filter but doubt that will fix the problem. I have a suspition that I might need a bigger jet in the carb.

Re: Motto Guzzi Problems

Sounds like you got a great deal! Post some pics, we'd love to see it. The first thing you need to do is read Fred's Guide. It's on this website, under the Wiki tab. Read it and learn it. I'm not familiar with the specifics of your bike, but the same principles apply to them all. If it only runs with the choke, it's getting too much air. You may have an air leak somewhere, like at the intake or maybe crank seals. However, if you are running with no air filter, that is your problem. The air cleaner restricts air flow, and without it, it will get too much air and will only run properly by restricting the airflow, like by closing the choke... make sense? Don't mess with the jet, yet. If the bike is stock, you need the stock jet, and stock air cleaner. If, and only if, performance modifications are done, will you change jet size. such as performance expansion chamber exhaust or a larger cylinder kit, The best thing you can do is get it running properly stock first. Be patient, and you'll get it figured out. There's lots of good folks on here to help you out.

Re: Motto Guzzi Problems

Try running an air filter with screens, like this:

These come with like six or so screens, so you can add/remove as necessary to adjust airflow. On a Dellorto 14/12 carb on a stock Minarelli V1, I remove three screens. since you have a 14/9, you will likely need them all. Start there.

Re: Motto Guzzi Problems

Ok, thanks for all the help! I have another question. What Do the numbers on the dellorto carbs mean? I understand that they somehow have to do with the size or something like that.

Re: Motto Guzzi Problems

Oh, by the way will take and post some pictures when I get a chance...

Re: Motto Guzzi Problems

Caleb, spend some time in the Wiki.

The search feature is your best friend. Click the wiki tab, then enter Dellorto. That's what pulls up. Try it for Moto Guzzi. Try it for Benelli. Try it for all sorts of cool shit. You can literally read for hours learning so much good stuff. Then spend time searching the forums, and learning from other people's issues. Of course, feel free to ask for help along the way, and don't get frustrated. It's just mopeds. Don't post multiple threads about the same topic tho. Some people get pissy about that. Don't get offended if someone chews your ass out, either. It happens. There's some grumpy old men on here. Present company included. Most important, just have fun and be patient. Good luck, and happy new year. (edited)

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