Need help separating minarelli v1 case

I just was given an extremely siezed minarelli v1 engine. And after removing it from the bike, I need a way to get it open to see what’s happening with the cylinder.

Being my first moped, I have no clue about moped engines at all so any insight would be much appreciated!

I will attach photos of what I’m working with shortly.

Re: Need help separating minarelli v1 case

Soak the top end in penetrating oil for a couple days. Use a wooden dowel and a hammer to free the piston. Watch some you tube vids

Re: Need help separating minarelli v1 case

time to buy some tools and read the wiki, watch some videos, lefty loosey righty tighty fu every nut and every turn. or find a running ped now b4 u get tooo attached to this one.

Re: Need help separating minarelli v1 case

Actually, the clutch nut on most v1 mopeds is reverse thread. Don't blow that one!!! Other than that take your time, having a few tools is a must if you're doing a full rebuild; flywheel, clutch, bearing puller, circlip pliers, maybe a case splitter. You can use a maap torch yo heat up the bearing journals, then tap the crank and output shaft with a rubber mallet to get the cases apart too, they usually come apart without a fight. I would recommend finding a pdf of the manual for minarelli v1 engine.

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