Kreidler MP9 wont start

So ive done just about everything i can think of and i still cant get this bike to turn over.

i can pedal on it, and it tries to start, but the engine will not turn over and start actually running.

i have spark, my fuel line is clear, my carb is clean. everything looks like it is supposed to.

pls help im losing my mind trying to make this thing go

Re: Kreidler MP9 wont start

i dont have a kreidler but disconnect kill switch.

Re: Kreidler MP9 wont start

Just bypass a kill switch entirely? What would that do?

Re: Kreidler MP9 wont start

Do you have spark?

Re: Kreidler MP9 wont start


cjeck. clean. filepoints. set 12 ^16

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