Re: Newport L 2hp E50 seems sluggish. C'mon smarty pants...

> John Konstantine Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> It is too cold here in Michigan to take Pinto moped apart & Bing 14 carb

> apart in my garage to answer your question right now. I just used the

> Bing needle that was already in the Bing 14 carb when I bought the Bing

> 14 used from Motorcycle junk yard off of a Sears Puch Free Spirit moped

> (e50 Puch Bing 14/14mm intake).

Nah, don't worry about taking it apart to check. I thought you might know off hand. I just recently discovered there were two different needles, and I'm not really sure of the difference. I'll just experiment with em and see which is richer or leaner and at what rpm range, once I get the jetting dialed in. It's been a blizzard here in WA the last couple days, and while my garage is warm, I can't test the results, so I'm on hold.

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