Peugeot Vogue Speedo Removal

Steven Evans /


Does have an idiots of how to remove a speedo from a Peugeot Vogue? I have tried but to no avail!

I've unscrewed the cable and pulled the speedo light out. It looks like there are 2 screws holding it in but I cant get to them because of the gold coloured bracket in the pic. I have taken the nut out at the top of the bracket but dont seem to be able to remove the 4 odd looking rivet things at the bottom of it to remove it. I'm probably missing something obvious!

Any help gratefully received!


Re: Peugeot Vogue Speedo Removal

Looks to me like the nut that's just above where the cable attaches has to come off in order to lift the speedo out .

The 4 rivets hold the cable holder in place and probably have nothing to do with holding the speedo .

Re: Peugeot Vogue Speedo Removal

Steven Evans /

Ok. Thanks.

I'll give that a go tomorrow. The reason I was trying to remove the cable holder was to try and get at the screws. There is only one screw visible in the pic but there is another one behind the light.

Re: Peugeot Vogue Speedo Removal

Those two screws probably hold the speedo guts in the cup .

They don't seem to go through the bracket . Just along side .

Re: Peugeot Vogue Speedo Removal

Steven Evans /

Ah, excellent! Just the golden nut then! :)

Thanks again!

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