Ciao drive belt replacement

The drive belt on my variated ciao is looking sorry for itself and could do with replacing it's the standard and probably original Pirelli 2632-102906/14 is there a worthy upgrade ? I've seen a toothed malossi one but the dimensions sound just slightly different ? Think it was a difference of 3mm in length will this matter or can anyone recommend a replacement

Re: Ciao drive belt replacement

id just stick w the standard, a high performance belt not gonna make u go faster, or will it...anyways u can adjust belt tension by loosening engine bolts 3, and pushing on that lever, rt side, theres slots in the frame, fotgot ya gotta loosen the exhaust hanger bolt as well...swing, then tighten up new belt.

Re: Ciao drive belt replacement

Cheers I've had it in and off plenty of times for different stuff I might just risk it and get malossi even if it's just for the free sticker

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