Oil leaking from intake/reed valve

Im currently tearing apart a 1981 honda express and noticed the cause of a bunch of oil all over the case. There is oil leaking where the intake and reed valve are bolted to the case. I removed the reed valve and it seemed to have light surface rust on the part that attaches to intake and case. I checked all the books and it does not seem to require a gasket. This seems odd, I torqued it to factory spects but, I'm considering using a little gasket maker to make a seal. Any Suggestions?

Re: Oil leaking from intake/reed valve

Why not cut a gasket to fit ?

No gasket paper ? Grab a cereal box . That makes a great gasket .

Re: Oil leaking from intake/reed valve

Dirty30 Dillon /

Use permatex non-hardeding aviation sealant

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