How to get rid of pedal

Kutalp Doğan /

Peugeout 103 its mine.

I want something like this, I'am not using pedals they are looking ugly. How can I replace and fix something to put my feets?


Re: How to get rid of pedal

You remove your pedal arms and put these on the pedal arms shaft. (edited)

Re: How to get rid of pedal

im offended.

Re: How to get rid of pedal

i did something similar on my 1979 Peugeot 103 and it worked fine.

the 103 does not have an electric start, its push start or kick over with pedals whilst on the stand, if yours is the same you can either replace the pedals with pegs and push start it (ok if your ped starts easily) or do something like what I did utilizing one of the pedal arms as a type of kick starter.

here is the link to my guide I did.,4091515 (edited)

Re: How to get rid of pedal

kevin Smellaflange /

spot weld/tack weld some monster H-D highway pegs...

then & only then will u be truly happy...

...your welcome.

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