Tomos a3 clutch problem?

WTF?!? Freaking Ride and Chatter is next weekend and now this! The wife is going to be pissed if I don't get this fixed before then......

I installed a blue clutch spring and swapped clutch bells and the same thing. In thinking one-way bearing in the bell is why I swapped it but didn't help. Possibly I had two bad bells? IDK. Also I installed a hpi CDI which seemed to make it worse. It wasn't this bad before I put the house on. It use to go away after it warmed up.

Re: Tomos a3 clutch problem?

I swapped to a stock tomos CDI and problem went away

Re: Tomos a3 clutch problem?

Baron Von Hamilton /

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Re: Tomos a3 clutch problem?

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