Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

The steering/handlebars on my hobbit will wiggle/have a little bit of play when I hold the front tire between my legs..seems like something in the head tube may be loose? Have already taken off the large triple tree nut and tightened the one under it with a spanner wrench but still have a wiggle. Help?

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

The two bolts at the top of the triple or the bushings in the form tubes. If you hold the wheel you will always get a little bit of wiggle, just a bit.

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

It seems a little more than a bit..feels like an unsafe amount to ride with almost

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

Tighten those 2 bolts the big nut and you should be good

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

All three are tight..but there’s still like a few millimeters of play when I turn the handle bars side to side with the wheel between my feet. A significant/unusual amount

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

Baron Von Hamilton /


Maybe the top plate is wore out for being loose? Maybe add a couple washers to see if you get more bite out of the bolts?

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

Barry (Bob) Brown /

Possibly the race bearings in the tube? Maybe some of them popped out of the race.

Re: Hobbit headset loose/wiggles

Check that your axle bearings are snug. You might need a wheel rebuild

As well, the bushings in the fork tubes go bad over time causing a little play. If that's the case you might need new forks.

Ride it by if you want a quick opinion

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