QT50 starting issues...Ran the qauntlet....ugh

Brian G /
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So I've replaced all kinds of stuff, I've even gone back to replacing old parts seeing if that would do anything. It seems that all of my efforts were for nothing.

There's something I'm not figuring out, I guess.

1. I've cleaned and tried the old carburetor. I tried a new carburetor.

This is a mikuni clone, known as a miniky. No luck. I've even tried swapping parts between the two carburetors, which are quite similar but not completely. that didn't seem to do anything except for giving me a couple days of false hope when the moped would run.

2. I've tried changing ignition coil, charge coil, and fuel lines.. aaaaarghhhhhhh

3. Checked for air leaks and everything else I can figure.

*side note, I am still running this moped without the electrical system in play. All I have is headlight power. My connector is disconnected behind the headlights for the systems electrical connection.

I've always run it this way but maybe somebody knows something I should know. LOL

*How many air holes would the original air filter cover have? I taped up the sides of it and I'm not sure I should have. I know there's supposed to be that weird rectangular hole that goes behind it towards the front end of the moped. I know there's supposed to be a small hole on the other side.

when I got this moped, the sides of the air filter cover were kind of stretched apart from age and the lack of the little metal clips that I think were supposed to go on there.

I've even tried other BS air filters that can work on a wide range of small engines but those don't seem to be helping either....

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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