Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

Hello all,

I am having issues with my clutch and am looking for some advice.

Hardware: 78 Puch Maxi, Rito crank, Treatmetric Jammer Clutch.

Issue: Rear wheel is spinning while on stand, this also causes stalling at red lights sometimes. I can get the wheel to stop spinning by pushing hard on the case-side clutch lever. This confirms the starter plate is what is causing the wheel to spin. If I loosen the clutch cable the moped cannot be started.


Lower shim - 1.65 mm.

Upper shim - 1.82 mm.

Clutch face to starter plate clearance - 2.25 mm (spec is 0.3-0.5 mm)

Question: So I believe it is clear that my issue is with shimming, but I am not sure how to resolve. In order to get the clutch face clearance to spec I need to shim the clutch housing back by 1.75 mm. This is greater than my lower shim, which is the problem. How thin of a lower shim can I get away with? I see Treatland sells them down to 0.1 mm. can I really use a shim that thin alone, or is that intended to be part of a stack only?

I would really appreciate any advice,

Thank you! (edited)

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.


Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

Use the thin shim. Sometimes the aftermarket crankshaft snap rings groove is cut different from stock.

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

Yeah you're working with an aftermarket crank and an aftermarket clutch. Gonna have to get a little creative probably

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

Make sure your clutch drum end float is within spec as well (.1mm - .2mm)

You can buy a bunch of different size uppers and lowers here for relatively cheap

https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?2,4261148 (edited)

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

How thin can I go though? As explained, I need to shim by an amount more than my lower shim is thick.

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

You go as thin as whatever your measurements tell you you need, given they are accurate. Something doesn't sound right if you're lower shim at .1mm would not bring your bell down enough to close the gap to within spec between the starter plate and clutch face lining. Can you post pics of how your are measuring and how things look with feeler gauges in place?

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.


Thank you for the reply. Yes you are right, it almost doesn't seem right. Based on my measurements I need to go without a lower shim completely. I'm guessing that shouldn't be done as he clutch bell would rotate right against the snap ring. Hence me asking about how thin of a shim I can use.

I can take a picture, but it will probably be a few days. Do you know of any resource for how to measure the clutch face to starter plate gap? All I've seen is the Puch service manual, which is not very clear. I have been measuring by sticking the biggest feeler gauge I can in between the clutch and starter plate.

Re: Looking for E50 clutch shimming advice.

I recently set up a clutch on a maxi build I've been working on for awhile, and after trying a few different upper and lower shims I ended up settling on a 1.5mm lower and 1.9mm upper. That gave me a starter plate end float of .48mm. You can see in this pic here that I used two feeler gauges on opposite ends of the clutch bell so that it would get a more accurate reading by keeping the starter plate level with the clutch face. Remember to have clutch fully assembled under the starter plate, with retaining ring in place and clutch nut fully torqued.



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