Fuel sight "glass"

Brad William /

Anybody ever try this on a moped?

It seems like it would work well along the top seam

of the tank on a step thru.


Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Josiah Radebaugh /

Ooh! I love that

Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Cool and I've considered it but the dude couldn't put the nipples facing the right direction so he wouldn't crack the fuel line as it ages?

Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Dirty30 Dillon /

In any modern situation, it seems like this is used as a gimmick more than anything.

Any bike worth putting that effort into, is not one that I am going to be needlessly drilling holes into the tank.

Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Well they welded bungs I'm before paint. It doesn't seem to be an afterthought. An industrial style accent piece maybe. Would have to see the rest of the bike.

Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Overpriced Parts /

Ya some A-hole Will yank that clear tubing right off leaking gas everywhere,

these nut case, jealous, have nothing lazy ass phone in face people are always looking for something to steal or damage!

I can tip shake my magnum bike on the stand and see how much gas is in the tank also I know that mpg of every bike I own so I know how much gas I have!

leaving hoses, carbs all kinds of stuff being exposed just makes some drunk, stoned jealous lazy M F er rip and grab stuff,

I have no idea why nobody on Moped army who actually uses a moped for anything then riding around the block taking pictures and posting stuff doesn’t know these things!

I mean if you use these things for transportation, commuting going to the store, whatever, using them for cheep transportation like actually designed for, you know criminals, lazy, drugies, homeless, criminals, bad people are going to mess with them when parked,

Run all side covers on your bike with thumb screws so tight that you can’t turn on without a screwdriver, making sure your carburetor and everything else is pretty much underneath them, Lock, chain and secure everything securely to something with several locks and cover bike with a cover with possible

Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Ken. I’m so glad I don’t live where you do. Maybe you should move.

Re: Fuel sight "glass"

I like this type


Re: Fuel sight "glass"

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Dude. Don’t put holes in your tank. Add a Tee in the fuel line after the petcock and run a line up the side of your tank. Same thing but no holes.

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