1976 hercules m4 505/1a

Picked up a 76' hercules.

replaced kill switch, but it does not run with the ground wire hooked up, no matter if it's on the "on, or off" position.

When just theblue wire is hooked up and it starts fine, but I can also not shut off the engine unless i ground the switch (touching it to the handlebars) . could it be how its wired to the switch? Just a CEV original round on/off switch.

I went over everything and there doesn't seem to be anything frayed or bad connections from what I'm seeing

looking for a direction! thanks

hercules wiring.png

Re: 1976 hercules m4 505/1a

your right, the wire grounds kills the bike, just figure out what terminal to connect to on the switch that doesn't ground while on.

Re: 1976 hercules m4 505/1a

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Okay the best thing you can do is rewire it so that the tail light ground return going to the Magneto goes to the frame instead and you get a ground strap because the engine has rubber bushings that isolated from the frame there is a ceramic resistor inside the tail light that works is a safety so that you can't ride without all the lights working but if you wire the frame as the main ground source everything will just work so you want to run the Magneto negative ground to the frame also with the ground strap

Re: 1976 hercules m4 505/1a

After further inspection, I found out that the bell (top) of the CEV round off/on switch actually grounds itself to the handlebars when clipped on. So myself having put the power wire to the wrong terminal, continued to ground out no matter if the switch was on the on or off position. I assumed it was missing a ground wire itself but that did not turn out to be the case!

thanks for the input!

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