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> Jeff Parr Wrote:

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> put LOTS of spray on the top and bottom of the piston and let it soak

> for a few hours.

Actually, let it soak for a few days. Give it time to work.

Re: 1964 Vespa 90

ATF might work well.

Re: 1964 Vespa 90

Pretty much anything will work, if ya let it soak a while. I've used Coca-Cola classic; works great. I've heard of others using straight water. But whatever you use, it's gonna take time to break that chemical bond you gave going on there. Remember, the crank bearings are probably froze up as well, so you may be fighting that resistance. Suspend the engine by the cylinder on some wood blocks, if you can. Then try smacking the piston down & out with a wooden dowel. Use gravity to your advantage.

Re: 1964 Vespa 90

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Remove the nuts at the base of the cylinder. Crack the bond between the cylinder and engine case to see if the crank still moves. If it does, turn the crank to push the piston(and cylinder) as far away from the engine case as possible. Wedge some wood blocks between the base of the cylinder and engine case, then beat the piston down and out of the cylinder. Once the piston starts to move, you make need to add more wood blocks between the cylinder base and engine case if needed.

Re: 1964 Vespa 90

The cylinder is kind of moving a little and am letting the piston sit over night in mystery marvel

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