forks question!

Im wanting to replace the whole front forks on my 04 sprint and i just wanna know how difficult it would be??

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

Ten minutes.....

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> ♣Slew Foot♣ Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Ten minutes.....

Or ten hours .

If you're not familiar with nuts and bolts . ;)

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Just the legs or the legs and trees?

Just the legs? Loosen the headlight ears, loosen the 4 bolts on the triple tree. Take the wheel off, slide the forks legs out then work in reverse.

Whole thing? Remove handlebars, remove cap nut. Remove top plate of triple tree. Remove crown nut. Remove front wheel. Slide whole assembly off. Regrease or replace bearings. Swap new assembly in, and be sure to tighten crown nut to the point where front end turns without binding but doesnt wiggle either. Button it up.

You got this, pm me any questions!

Re: forks question!

They say that spooning leads to forking.

Re: forks question!

Yes. Legs and trees. What do i order to replace the front end forks and trees? Just go to treats right? Look up tomos parts and order set??

Re: forks question!

guess what? i ordered a new set of ebr forks from treatland for my a35 they look good but after i put them back together. The wheel would set cockeyed. And the wheel is bolted perfect to the forks. Its just the new ebr forks feel sloppy and cheap. You can take your hand grab the tire and move it back and forth from side to side and you get play from the forks. Its crazy. Payed $127.00 for the tomos ebr forks and thats what i get. Smh id love to put cr 80 dirtbikes forks on it but it's wishful thinking.

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