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Is anyone out there doing quality crankshaft repair? I have an M101 crank (unobtanium) that has a small scratch on one of the journals right where the seal sits. I've patched it in the past with a speedisleeve, but it's no longer holding and given it needs new conrod bearings anyway, would just like to have it fixed right.

I tried reaching out to moped crankworks, but I'm not sure if he's still in the game. Anyone else out there providing this service?

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I had a buddy weld up a crank and bring it back to stock diameter at his bad is it? I could give him a call if you can't figure it out locally.

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Pushrod Fifty /

Try a snowmobile oriented machine shop around you.

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there was a recent thread here about pressing a conrod, with discussion on moped crankworks and some alternatives. sounds like mr crankshaft is a thing?,4336088

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Is it the variator side or magneto side? I wonder if the magneto side crank lobe is the same on the m1 as the m101...

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Haha what's up Mike! MA greatest hits in this thread.

Will - that is an awesome resource. Seeing as I can have him reuse the conrod I should be good, right? The big end and little end conrod bearings should be easily available.

Daniel - that's a great question. I'll have to pull it apart a little to check. If it is, I'm assuming that journal could individually be replaced as a part of the rebuild?

Aaron - thanks for the offer. I'll hit you up if I end up at a dead end.

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Rob Abbott /

I recently sent my crank to Mr Crankshaft...a.k.a Vince’s Cycles in KY. The guy was super helpful, reasonable and top notch professional.

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spencerrrrr r /

+1 for Mr. Crankshaft. They pressed a rito conrod into my old and busted A3 crankshaft. It came back super clean and polished.

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