Need help with my Lance, Havana

Benjamin Plocher /

Hi everyone!

I own a 2018 Lance, Havana. It’s run pretty well for me, however, last summer it began having issues starting. When it hasn’t run in a day or two I have to turn the key and hold it, while at the same time slowly reving the gas before it will start. It takes about 30-60 seconds. Then when it has started I have to idle and slowly rev up the engine for about 5 minutes before it will run smooth without killing. Once it is running though, I don’t have any issues for a day or so. It will fire right up and run just fine. The problem does, however, seem to be slowly getting progressively worse though. If anyone has any ideas what might be wrong with it that would be of great help to me!



Re: Need help with my Lance, Havana

Sounds , for all the world , like low compression .

You'd likely have better responses from a scooter site than here . This is a vintage moped site . Yup , there's a difference .

Maybe :

Re: Need help with my Lance, Havana

Benjamin Plocher /

Oh, good to know. That explains why my scooter wasn’t listed by the site. Thanks!

Re: Need help with my Lance, Havana

todd amundson /

Think you may need to disconnect your fuel line over night and leave it hanging inside of a container. See if even when the petcock is off, it leaks or doesn’t. Sounds really rich. Could be loading up with gas over night or even when parked. One dip every four minutes will do it.

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