83 QT50 Bogs down under load

Hello moped people.

Wondering if anyone can offer some advice on the following:

1983 QT50 owned about 15 or so years. Running reasonably well until it started bogging down under load - meaning that revs normally on the center stand but when someone is on it bogs down under throttle and stalls.

Carb cleaned (properly).. replaced spark plug.. checked all the connections... cant seem to sort it out.

Although parts are cheap enough, I would rather find the problem that throw bits at it out of desperation.

Any helpful advice is much appreciated.



Re: 83 QT50 Bogs down under load

Jack Rutherford /

Too much air or too little gas. Something could still be blocking a jet or air leak at intake or chamber cap.

Re: 83 QT50 Bogs down under load

After starting be sure to turn the key from start to run or it will bog when you twist the throttle.

Re: 83 QT50 Bogs down under load

Might make sure the exhaust is not clogged..take it loose and see how it pulls

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