1971 Mobylette 50V Parts

Hi There. Best place to buy 50V parts. No speed (20, 25. or 30 MPH) indicated on steering head tag. Short intake manifold pipe.

Carb has a 220 Main Jet, which is the jet size that corresponds to a 30 MPH model. Would that be correct? Need a carb diffuser that I have identified as p/n 19990. It has a flat surface milled on the flange (about 1/2 way along the diffuser length) that locates it in the carb body. Also need a pair of front fork dust boots (the accordion style gaiters), a speedo cable, points & condenser, secondary ignition coil and H/T wire with the plastic nut(s) to connect to the coil.

Thank you in advance.

Re: 1971 Mobylette 50V Parts

Pushrod Fifty /

mopedland.co.uk has alot of original novi stuff. Treats.tv for most anything moby.

Re: 1971 Mobylette 50V Parts

You can use and ignition coil. I like the Bosch Puch ones. Fuck that carb buy an sha50

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