thread size for Puch spokes

Alan Jackson /

i want to buy a tap to suit the spokes on my puch m50 sports

i bought them from puch wieser austria so they arent original and have emailed them with no reply as yet

i measure 3.34mm and 0.6mm pitch so they seem odd to me. are they imperial?

anyone have a clue?

Re: thread size for Puch spokes

Spoke threads are usually rolled rather than cut for the sake of strength.

Re: thread size for Puch spokes

Alan Jackson /

yeah i read that (cos cutting threads creates stresses)

im not using them as spokes but for a little non bike related project and they would be perfect as they are if i could just drill and tap some alloy with the correct thread so the spokes screw in. they dont even have to be that tight.

i could jb weld or epoxy them in but would be nice to have a proper thread.

they almost cut their own thread in the softish alloy but i darent risk cross threading

Re: thread size for Puch spokes

Alan Jackson /

just found out

3.5mm thread 0.6mm pitch

Re: thread size for Puch spokes

I used to cut spokes often. it works fine, it is weaker but still very usable

rolled is actually stronger because rolling causes stresses, specifically compressive stresses that resist tensile loading in use. Also because it realignes the grain structure to be parallel vs perpendicular to the threads. Finally cutting makes sharper valley which is a stress concentrator, vs the valleys in rolled being rounder and in highest compression so thus stronger.


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