1980 Honda express NC50

I am restoring a 1980 Honda express NC50 moped. I have a bunch of rust in the tank so I can finally get it to run if I clean the carb and the oil mixer. However have to do that every time I want to get it to run. So at this time I believe I either need to try and restore the tank or try to find one better then what I have. Any recommendations?

Re: 1980 Honda express NC50

The first gen are notoriously rusted out between the gas and oil tanks from within. Drain both and clean out gas and oil with a solvent. Then fill with your favorite de rusting agent. I like phosphoric acid but it can still take several days of soaking depending on condition of tank.

Re: 1980 Honda express NC50

You are only de rusting the fuel tank. No need to put anything in oil tank. If at any time the oil tank fills up with your de rusting fluid, then it's already rusted out.

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I put some Hydrochloric acid in the gas tank to remove the rust. When I flushed the tank to neutralize the acid I did notice a little getting into the oil side of the tank. So I am thinking of doing the same thing on the oil side and then coating both sides with Red-Kote.

I see a few tanks online however can't really tell if they are any better then the one I have.

Re: 1980 Honda express NC50

If yer using brick cleaners' acid(usually Hydrochloric,Muriatic), cut it at LEAST 3 water to one acid. It will still do the job. Let it sit for a few hours.

Neutralize the tank with baking soda and then final flush with water, dry it out and spray WD40 in there to coat it.

But first add gas to see if it's leaking thru to oil tank.

Keep pure water or a hose around for your eye protection.

Re: 1980 Honda express NC50

I have the tank clean and coated with red-kote. I did do both the gas and oil side as there is leakage there. So until I can find a solid tank I will have to premix my gas. I put gas in the tank let it sit a few days and drained the tank. Did filter the gas and no rust!! What ratio should I mix the gas and oil? Also what’s the best way to post a video on this post? I have it running and am excited to show it off. Been a 3 year project and just happy to see her run!

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