78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

The Honda shop down the street gave my number to a customer as the local moped expert.

Their neighbor had given them the XKE a year ago with very low mileage. It now has around 600 miles and suddenly stopped running. The usual suspects are tail light bulb, condenser, spark plug coil, spark plug, as the issue sounds electrical. Of course, we will check out carb and petcock. I delivered the motor to Rockettman at the Toledo event a couple weeks ago for rebuild; gaskets, seals, bearings, and rings.

Nobody is making any money on this project, its like helping a newbie out and get him into the hobby.

I'm a little put out and puzzled that when he gets the bike back, he wants to have the Honda shop evaluate the work.

Whenever I go there for advice, they can't give me any because "it's not a Honda" and "we don't work on bikes that old."

The only parts that will go on the bike that you can see will be tires, petcock, and spark plug coil. So what will they do, charge the guy for an eval and say "yep, looks nice"? They certainly wouldn't know a good running V1 from a bad one. Maybe they could test compression and do a leak down test...

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

If I take my Mitsubishi to a Ford dealer for work, and they refer me to the Mitsubishi dealer down the street, I'm not gonna take it back to the Ford dealer to make sure the Mitsubishi dealership did good work. The dude must have more money than sense

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Jack Rutherford /

"Nobody is making any money on this project, its like helping a newbie out and get him into the hobby."

What are you teaching - how to get other people to fix your bike?

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Overpriced Parts /

> Nick Haber Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> If I take my Mitsubishi to a Ford dealer for work, and they refer me to

> the Mitsubishi dealer down the street, I'm not gonna take it back to the

> Ford dealer to make sure the Mitsubishi dealership did good work. The

> dude must have more money than sense

A Neighbor took his Ford pick up truck for a transmission problem to a local small mom and pop transmission/auto repair shop since it was out of warranty with high mileage he had to pay to fix it out of pocket,

The shop owner said it needed a full rebuild and he got a very reasonable price estimate for rebuild but Old dirty building, Gravel parking area, cars all over the place, young guys working with just jeans and t-shirts working on cars So he didn’t trust the shop with the job so he went to the brand new Ford dealer a half mile down the road and had them do the tranny rebuild for a lot more money,

About three days later he saw his same Ford pick up truck at the mom and transmission shop in the gravel parking area, went back to the dealer and asked the manager why it was there and was told yeah we sub out some major repair work, he was stuck because he signed the work authorization and in the fine print stated they can sub out work, to appease them they guaranteed it a little bit longer that’s all they did,

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

> Jack Rutherford Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> "Nobody is making any money on this project, its like helping a newbie

> out and get him into the hobby."


> What are you teaching - how to get other people to fix your bike?

Rockettman is getting something for his labor, so if he's happy with what he's getting, I suppose I shouldn't get bent out of shape about it.

I drove over to the owner's house, so there's a gallon of gas. Then I took the engine and wheels to Toledo for free, essentially, because I was going there already both for the Zeros event and to take other items to a third party for a trade I've set up.

When I took the engine off of the bike, I learned that the exhaust needs welding, so there's a possibility of additional cost involved.

Plus, once the work is done, one of us will have to drive to Detroit or Cleveland as there's a little electrical work to do on the wiring harness. With new tires and your basic rebuild, plus a tank of gas and turnpike tolls, there's probably $50 to $75 profit to be made. And that's if the issue doesn't involve a condenser or spark plug coil.

When I priced things out at treatland in a worse case scenario, parts alone totaled $325. It can't be THAT bad, but I wanted the owner to be prepared. He didn't want to end up paying as much as $450 to fix a moped.

Rockettman had started a thread about the high cost of rebuilding a motor recently. I see what he was concerned about.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Many years ago, a kid stopped by my house asking for my help in getting his Tomos Bullet running. I spent about two hours fixing his bike for him, only to find out that the next day he listed it for sale on CL. Never again would I help people out that I didn’t know.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

todd amundson /

Yes screw helping people out. I had a noob question my work far before he even started the bike after I spent over 8 hours on it. I pushed it outside and asked him to leave. Selfish fuck. I’m happy to loose time and money only to never deal with some gothic punk ever again.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

I'm down to devote time to helping folks. totally. it's fun. I love working on shit, and I love hanging out with people = it's why im in this hobby. Fixing other peoples shit is like all the same wins, but they eat the costs!


Na it does suck when people arent appreciative or want more. give a mouse a cookie, little fucker should say thanks at least before asking for milk

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

So Rockettman finished the rebuild, and with some add-ons approved by the owner, the job came in at the $415 price, closer to my worst case estimate of $450 than the $325 he would liked.

The bike is now reassembled at my house and back in my parked mini van. All I really need to do is get some good gas mix, add several cups or the like and fire the bike up. Richard slapped the motor on my Motron mule he's had for the last year, so the motor has been road tested, but on a different bike.

The owner wants me to bring the bike to his house. Personally, I'd like to ride it the 15 miles there and have the owner bring me back home. The owner doesn't want me to do that. He'd like me to drive a total of 60 miles as I would have to borrow my brother's pickup, and he lives in the opposite direction.

After I deliver the bike, he's going to take it to the Honda shop that connected the two of us so the Honda mechanic can check out a 40 year old moped they know nothing about.. Oh, the Honda shop is 3/4 of a mile away from my house.

I would just as soon have the guy get the bike himself from my place on a day he can arrange for the shop to look at it, or I could drive the bike down the street and walk home.

With all the BS this job has gone through, Richard probably isn't making any money on his labor because he delivered the bike from Detroit to Cleveland, and I'll be out some gas money if I end up driving a total of 90 miles for this guy. There was a box with a sha and a Runtang carb in it that might make me happy to get for my trouble.

I do like helping people out, but this is ridiculous.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

And he’ll probably just sell it now

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Jack Rutherford /

Yeah there’s little respect for your time especially among younger crowd.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Yeah, I sure hope not. He did say that his son was looking forward to riding it.

I hope he can pay Richard without any delay due to the Corona Virus.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

We aren't really 100 percent sure why the bike stopped running.

After the rebuild was complete, Richard had the motor running on my Motron frame with the original capacitor and spark plug coil.

He brought the motor over from Detroit and spent about 6 hours putting everything back together. As the tail light base was missing, a little bit of time was spent on that.

I discovered that there was a short section of bare wire near the tail light from the tire wearing, and two wires had cracks where the wires plug into the fixture. One of the bulbs was missing, so I'm thinking a short and blown bulb?

As usual, the seals were dried up and there was some bad wear on the starter clutch leaf spring. Kind of disappointing for a motor with 600 miles on it. SOMEONE needs a little lesson on V1 starter clutch usage.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Finally added fuel and went for a good 10 mile test ride. I only added a quart of gas and when I went up a low grade but long hill, the bike eventually stalled. This is my first time riding a bike with the tank in the frame, and I think that the design of this bike, with a U shaped tank, the petcock at the front, a small amount of fuel, and the long hill all contributed to the bike stalling.

I'll have to tell the owner to keep the tank fairly full, as the town he lives in has some big hills.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Now this guy is bitching that Richard and I put too many miles (12) on his bike and should get a refund.

Richard drove from Detroit to Toledo to meet me and pick up the engine. Then he drove from Detroit to Cleveland to deliver the motor and reassemble the bike. And I will end up driving about 90 miles after picking up the bike and later delivering the bike.

Plus, Richard tested, timed, tuned, and broke in the motor by putting it on one of my bikes for several hours and miles and I'm not bitching about that.

I won't be this helpful the next time.

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Send the sorry excuse of a human a bill for all the miles he didn't pay for .

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Yep. Bill him for the work, and file a lien when he doesn’t pay. Prick!

Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

It continues.

I borrowed my brother's truck and delivered the bike at my expense.

I get a text message a couple weeks later that the speedometer isn't working. They only put a handful of miles on it and it doesn't work any more.

Well, I COULD go on a nice 30 mile moped ride and diagnose the issue, but I certainly don't want to go out of my way in my car just to diagnose the gear, cable, or speedoneter, especially since nobody even touched the system except to disconnect the cable at the gear for the purpose of changing the tire and servicing the wheel bearings. Also, the owner ought to be able to determine the issue himself.

His latest text message, to me, is wondering when it will get fixed as his son would like to take his driving test on the bike and I guess that the Speedo needs to be functioning for the test. He would also like it to be fixed for free.


Re: 78 Concord XKE V1 rebuild.

Wolf Wizard /

that dudes a butthead. id just stop replying at that point he obviously does not understand what parts cost. "he got a good payday even though he said he made nothing" man that upsets me :^( I bet you the nut on the housing just came loose, take it out, put it back in.

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