Hobbit - set timing with multimeter

Has anyone ever used a multimeter to set the timing on a Honda Hobbit, instead of using the “dimming light bulb” method? In theory it should work and be more accurate. If not, then I need to get out an electric drill and a timing light. Thanks everyone and good night. Jack

Re: Hobbit - set timing with multimeter

I don't see why you couldn't do it, just measure voltage coming out instead of putting a test light on it

Re: Hobbit - set timing with multimeter

that totally works the same way. but I just go by when they visually open. that gets you close enough, then adjust a little either way based on how it runs

Re: Hobbit - set timing with multimeter

Why don’t you guys use a drill,Timing light and a sharpie that way you know exactly where the firing mark is.

It’s really simple: Draw a line on the case, now draw a bunch of random lines all over the flywheel and number them. Find what number is closes to case mark with the timing light and drill (erase all other lines expect the one closest to the case marker). Now draw a bunch of lines around it and number them. Using the drill and light method again, You should be able to get one of those lines dead on the case mark. The line that matches up is your firing mark so put an f on it.

Using a piston timing tool il set the timing 14-17 degrees before tdc. with moving the crank reinstall the flywheel with the firing mark lineing up with the case mark. You can also use printable metric ruler on the flywheel and push the piston down with a long spark plug. Puch is 1 degree for every mm and motobecane is like .9mm for every degree (edited)

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