Motobecane 51v choke and throttle problem


So I’ve taken apart the carb, cleaned it up, new spark plug and all that good stuff. Cleaned the rust from the take and gotten the variator cleaned of rust and tires replaced. I am now having trouble when it’s running, it will go pretty alright but I pretty much have to have the choke pressed while throttling then let it go slowly so it won’t die on me. In the video it does when I let off the choke and full throttle it slowly. I thought maybe an air leak but I sprayed the carb and intake with carb cleaner as it ran to see if the power fluctuated at all and it did not seem to. I also tried right where the exhaust connects. Anyone have any suggestions? Also do you guys know a way to speed up the off the line speed I have a real tough time getting into traffic which Is why I don’t ride this bad boy much. Thank you!video:

Re: Motobecane 51v choke and throttle problem

spray your decomp, head gasket and your crank seals if u can to check for air leaks. what kinda carb?

Re: Motobecane 51v choke and throttle problem

I did the head seal as well didn’t think of the decomp, mobys are new to me thanks! And It’s a sha 15.15 I believe

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