1984 trac clipper

I am probing the mysteries of this little bike. Korean, recently purchased, purple, and apparently they used to be branded Batavus. In general, it's in fine shape: the tires are fine and the paint is quite nice.

But I won't try starting it until I know everything that must be lubricated and adjusted. The primary drive is a toothed belt, which turns a countershaft. The countershaft is invisibly connected to the drive sprocket shaft through an overrunning clutch and gears concealed within the halves of the aluminum engine/transmission casting. I've been looking for a lubricant filler hole with no success.

The ignition seems fine, but I'm stumped by a big plastic box that ought to be an air cleaner but doesn't seem to contain anything but air. The air intake port on the carburetor is only about 1/2" or 12mm in diameter, and I'm guessing that the plastic box is some sort of resonator to improve performance.

There's some heat/fire damage to the outlet of the plastic box, which I can reconstruct. Is there an air cleaner on this bike? Is there any sort of lubrication procedure that anyone has heard about? Any other advice?

Thanks. Mark Kinsler,Lancaster, Ohio 43130.

Re: 1984 trac clipper

Thank you thank you thank you. That's exactly what I needed, for there are unconventional parts on that bike. Since they show the transmission oil filler and mention the procedure, I can in reasonable conscience avoid splitting the engine/transmission case: I'll just change the oil. I couldn't figure out that little hatch on what turns out to be the resonator/air-cleaner box, but the picture makes it clear (though now I'll have to find an air-cleaner element.) The portion of the box that connects to the carburetor is pretty well burned up, but I can duplicate that part in metal and screw/glue it onto the rest of the box.

Again, thank you. Apparently these were never popular bikes, but I shall share my adventures in restoring it as they occur.

Mark Kinsler

Re: 1984 trac clipper

For an air cleaner , you might consider 1/4" screen ( hardware cloth ) with about an 1" of open cell foam , lightly oiled .

Re: 1984 trac clipper

Thank you. I was finally able to extract the air cleaner element today, and it's quite clean, undamaged, and the foam has survived nicely. I had to really mangle the filter element to get it off--possibly someone glued it on or had a session with an inadvisible solvent. Now I have to rebuild the air box, for it seems to have suffered heat damage where it connects to the carburetor.

Mark Kinsler

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