Vespa Capacitor/loose green/blue wire

Hey guys still a question about my capacitor/Condenser. The blue/green wire is loose where it plugs into this rubber piece outside the motor, what is the fix. Also on capacitor, is an in capacitor my best option.


Re: Vespa Capacitor/loose green/blue wire

ALL connections should be clean and scratch tight .

I generally just use a pliers to 'resize' the female part of connections so the male part has to be forced into it . Scratch tight .

A good condenser choice is a Bosch ( likely the very best brand ) to fit an early 70s VW . The lead is long enough so it can be mounted externally . It will look like :

Re: Vespa Capacitor/loose green/blue wire

Bear in mind that in the picture of posted that is a one wire condenser. It just has two connectors, there both the same. The ground is the mounting strap on the condenser itself.

Re: Vespa Capacitor/loose green/blue wire

Agree on Bosch. I get anything Bosch from Amazon. Doesn't matter which one really. Changing connectors is simple enough. Instead of relying on a long condenser wire, I modify the stock wiring to have a connection to the condenser close to the HT coil connector and mount it there.

Bosch doesn't go bad as fast as the cheap junk from Auto Parts store, but it's such a simple modification that it's worth doing even if it is a rare switch.

Re: Vespa Capacitor/loose green/blue wire

The "in" capacitors.

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