ct90 timing issues

So I am rebuilding a 68 ct90 for a friend. Got it all back together, started it up, and it dumped oil and smoked bad. Realized I missed the little spacer deal on the head stud between the head and the cylinder. Tore it down, got the spacer in and got it all put together and now it won't start back up. I think I have the timing 180 out, but I want to get some information before I tear it back down. I think its 180 out because I have a small burst of flame coming out of the exhaust. There's a picture to show where I can see the flames. Now I'm no expert on this stuff, but I am assuming that I'm firing on exhaust stroke which is causing the flame. Can someone give me some advice here?


Re: ct90 timing issues

Pushrod Fifty /

I dont think it matters as the cam to crank ratio is 2:1. if you cam mark is lined up at TDC, your good. Check that the points open at the F mark. Check the valve clearance at TDC.

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