Repairing forks

New here so I’m learning as I go. Bought a moped for the daughter and looking to buy one for myself also. We bought this 1978 puch. There are two bolts below speedometer that come lose and the one bolt on the left I can’t tighten. Is this an easy fix or do we need new forks


Re: Repairing forks

The spring inside that fork is screwed onto a crappy pot metal casting. That casting is tapped for the bolt you see on top of the triple tree.

It is easy to strip out and cannot be fix. Well, maybe it can, but mine crumbled to pieces when I tried.

I think you can get replacement fork legs. Maybe they come with that part.

Number 22 in the part diagram.


Re: Repairing forks

That’s the thing but they are out of stock right now. Maybe someone else has it.

Re: Repairing forks

Am I better off just buying new forks then?

Re: Repairing forks

EBR forks are relatively inexpensive and a minor upgrade to the stock maxi forks.

You'll need to reuse all the headset bearing races and bearings so be careful when disassembling the old forks. Also speedo mount is tricky.

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