No play with 505 internal clutch arm?

Engine (and bike) is 90% done, but I can't install the clutch arm without it getting jammed up against the bell. And I mean really jammed up there - I've got no play at all when I pull my clutch cable, and that's even with the adjustment screw off.

Wondering if the arm might've gotten bent at some point, or whether I installed the clutch assembly wrong? I've read all about the infamous Sachs shim, but I can't see how that would be the problem as the clutch bell sits in a little recess inside the crankshaft.... could it be something wrong with the alignment of the crank?

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Re: No play with 505 internal clutch arm?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Dude missing money shot s

Pivot bell. Is there any play in clutch?

Did you stick a washer before the bell like the old manual shows. It wrong pry it out get new seal.

Re: No play with 505 internal clutch arm?

Is the clutch “stack” sliding freely on the splined shaft?

Very important

Re: No play with 505 internal clutch arm?

all the above. my firm suspicion is you've got the stack in wrong somewhere, specifically i'm envisioning the double D shaped spacer under the bell is pinched on the end lip and not actually over the shaft. You could share some internal pics tho, might help us see

Re: No play with 505 internal clutch arm?

Hey all, was away from my folks’ place and just getting back to this project. The issue remains - absolutely 0 play with the arm. I took some shots, below.

#1 is the clutch without the arm assembly and bell

#2 is with the arm assembly. The brass pin pictures is unscrewed as far as possible But there’s still no play between the arm and the bell.

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