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I have this puch moped but need help figuring out what model it is. I need to order a top end and I ordered one already that was wrong. The intake port on mine is small and round. The one I ordered was kinda rectangular. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks......and if you have any idea where to order from that would be great


Re: Puch info help

You have a Puch Maxi. The most common moped. You didn’t buy the wrong top end. The intake port is fine. Buy a square intake to match your new cylinder. Better flow.

Re: Puch info help

puch maxi, they came with both e50 and ZA50 motor variants, better to search by your motor type than the bike's specific model - mopeds shared many different engines so it's much easier to find parts searching for an e50 than searching for a puch nostalgia or whatever.

that said, you got a maxi - it's the most common moped by a long shot so the above advice is pretty meaningless. you'd be better off still lookin for e50 since all the bottom end stuff is different but the cylinders are all interchangeable. you do want to use a piston that matches the cylinder but again theyre almost all interchangeable between the different e50s and za50s

it's broken down in detail here:


but the TLDR is: it'll run fine on there.

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