replacing tires

Im restoring a 80s yamaha LC50 and finally got running. want to change tires but dont know which to get any advice would be appreciated. if tubed can i go tubeless or vice versa...i dont want to take off old tires until I get new ones.

Re: replacing tires

Spoked wheels you can not use tires without tubes, on cast wheels you can. If you are a virgin at tire changing I would suggest to buy your tires AND a pair of tubes AND a pain of rim strips. If your old ones are goodly then keep them as spares. Often folks will accidentally pinch a tube during installation - that is more or less normal - at least that way you have backup tubes. The replacement rim strips are excellent coverage in case the old ones are just plain too old.

Re: replacing tires

^ always listen to reb

and definitely get some spare tubes. and i'd HIGHLY recommend good levers too. so you dont wind up needing the spare tubes...

Everyone pops a tube. Just like neo didnt make his first jump

Re: replacing tires

thank you for the help...the tires do hold air but tge guy i got it from had it sitting in his yard for good 20 years.

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