Tomos Targa '97

Joshua Lynch /

Bought two of these from same guy...runs well, one with 2,500 miles is the one leaking from BiTurbo...also just started to rev when in first gear...feels like your reeving throttle but sputters and won't get going. Any thoughts?

Re: Tomos Targa '97

well there's about a billion things that could be.

1st, hows it leaking from the pipe? that culd imply anything from an overflowing carb running gas through to the pipe, too much oil in the mix (or failing auto injector if not premxed) to a leaky tansmission case seal

revving and sputtering could be anything from overflowing gas or too big or missing jet to broken rings and failed compression.

Need more details, my random shot in the dark guess is your idle's too high or the slide's stuck in the carb and the main jet is missing and the floats not sealing cuz the carb wasnt reassembled properly

Re: Tomos Targa '97

two strokes are oily, but if you have a small black puddle and its lugging down then i'm 1. guessing super dirty air filter

2. leaky float needle letting extra gas in,

both these cause flooding -too much gas, not allowing to shift. check If your plug is wet/black/oily

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