08 Zuma dash window issue

Hey guys! I am trying to replace the dash window on my ole trusty 08 zuma. I think when I bought it from the original owner, he had kept it in great shape and I didn't even realize that there was a plastic sticker (kind of like screen protectors for smartphones) on top of the dish window. Now that sticker has fused on to the window, and I can't get it off. I have a hard time seeing any of the gauges. Has anyone replaced this dash window before or know of any solution to get the fused screen protector sticker off? Thanks!

(I forgot to mention the screen protector is discolored which is causing the difficulty in seeing the speedometer/gauges etc.)

scoot dash.jpg

Re: 08 Zuma dash window issue

Plastic razor blade might be able to scrape it off, or get a plastic polishing compound and see if you can buff it out like old fogged out car headlights.

Re: 08 Zuma dash window issue

Perfect, thank you Mike!

Re: 08 Zuma dash window issue

Try WD40 .

Spray it on , let it work and then rub off with a cloth .

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